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USB Laptop Console

Handheld KVM Access for Laptops
(Product Sheet .pdf)

The USB Laptop Console is a trusted friend whether you are deep in the racks or out in the field.
Don’t leave your desk without it!

• View video (VGA) on a laptop screen.
• Control mouse and keyboard.
• Fully hot-plugable. No reboot for server.
• Small, portable with no power supply.
• No drivers or software on server.
• Windows and Mac OS X laptops.


• View the video produced by a server on your laptop screen, without rebooting or changing it in any way.
USB keyboard and mouse is emulated so that you can interact with the server as a window on your laptop.
• Real-time video scaling allows you to always see the entire screen, even on small laptop displays.
• Software provided for Windows and Mac OS X.
• Supports video up to 1920×1200 and all standard VESA video modes.


The USB Laptop Console can replace your rolling cart with monitor, keyboard and mouse. Now you can use your existing laptop to connect to the video port of any server in trouble. Useful also on field calls, where video monitors are not always where you want them. With the flexibility of a USB cable, you can position your laptop wherever it is easiest to work—perhaps even on your lap!

• Inputs: Analog VGA video, USB keyboard and mouse (single connector). Captive cables.
• Ouputs: High-speed USB video (480Mbps) to laptop. Female Mini-B connector. Detachable cable.
• Indicators: High speed USB link activity, Video good, USB keyboard/mouse link activity.
• Power: Shares USB power from laptop and/or host.
• Included passive PS/2 to USB adapter provides PS/2 keyboard access to older systems. Does not support PS/2 mouse.

Software Features
• Max video resolution: 1920x1200 @ 60Hz or 1600x1200 @ 75Hz.

• Video scaling modes: any scale from 6% to 100% (in 6.25% steps), full screen mode (uses all pixels of your laptop), maximized mode (laptop task bar is accessible).
• Resize video just by resizing window. Entire video picture is always visible—no scroll bars ever.
• Video adjustments: fine position control (image centering), sample phase (sharpness), video noise filtering controls.
• Special keys: easily send Alt+F4, Ctrl-Alt-Del and other key sequences that would otherwise affect the laptop instead of the server.
• Grab snapshot of screen into PNG or JPEG file.
• Handy toolbar with common functions. Horizontal or vertical, detachable and removable as well.
• Required software is included with product. Package includes copy of the latest version at time of manufacture, and latest version is always available at www.dmtz.com

Laptop Requirements
• Windows 2000, XP or Vista. 32-bit only.
• Mac OS X 10.5 (leopard) or higher. Intel only.
• One available high-speed USB port on laptop. 100mA current.
• 20 Megabytes available disk space for install. 24-bit colour display.

Server Requirements
• One USB port (full speed) for keyboard, mouse. 500mA current.
• Analog VGA graphics output. Analog DVI can be used with adapter.
• Operating system which supports absolute USB mouse: Windows 2000 and up, Mac OS, Linux, etc.

Mechanical / Approvals
• Size w/d/h: 74mm x 115mm x 15mm
• Weight: 170g
• Power: max 500mA at 5 VDC
FCC Class A, CE Approved, RoHS

• Operating: 0C to 40C/32F to 104F, 80% rh, nc
• Storage: -40C to 70C/-40F to 158F

Part Numbers
ULC100A USB Laptop Console
ULC100A-10 USB Laptop Console – 10 pack